November 23rd, 2014
Trade & Commerce Industry
The Emissary Invitation To Enter Into Mutual Interest Compacts

Thank you for accepting this Introduction & Syllabus. Our specific intent is to generate a vibrant growth in mutual-interest trade and commerce relations between Turtle Island Peoples and the world during the balance of this 21st century. 400 continuous years of trade between the Original indigenous Peoples (OIP) of Turtle Island North & the Netherlands Empire is the preferred example of success through mutual respect that the OIP wishes to see served as the predominant template for nation-to-nation business and political relations through century 21 and into the XXII century.

Therefore, this invitation, here, is generated through out historical ethics of Peace Trust Friendship / Gus Wen Tah; as embraced within the 1613 Haudenosaunee and Dutch Treaty of Two Row Wampum / The Covenant Chain / The Great Peace.

Our International Merchant House (IMH) is structured through these fundamental principles, as above. And, it is through this IMH that we advocate, herein, that OIP will divulge the scope of the 1100 indigenous nations of North America / Turtle Island North -and, the capacity, within international standards, to enter into trade relations.

Had such an environment of good ethics and mutual respect existed at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference ; when T.E. Lawrence collaborated with Prince Feisal in Paris for the purposes of creating the Middle East Peace & Trade Agreements (redrawing the map of the world) - then, perhaps we would not, today, be confronting ISIS.
The paramount and prevailing entitlement for this proposed OIP-Netherlands 2014-2100 Compact is based upon the presumption of legitimate and original entitlement. The Netherlands Empire decision to advocate via the UNSC under the Credentials Committee per the Charter Chapter VII provisions established the opportunity for our proposed Joint Ventures, herein, to establish North America / Turtle Island as an eminent land stewardship zone; that focuses energy development through the 2014 APEC & UN credo of responsible mitigation of extreme climate change via sustainable, renewable resources.
OIP-IMH will introduce the Netherlands to existing green energy resources in Canada - which can be developed @<1/2 cost of natural gas; with additional carbon capture credits - that surpass all existing global inventories of fossil fuels ... Energy resources that will last for more than 600 years.

Huy'ch'qu' / Thank You / Merci / Miiqwich /Vivamus
Shqwiqwal Yuxwuletun / Ralph Charles Goodwin / Emissary
1.778.433.3908 / 1.250.709.1809
on behalf of
Original Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North
per instructions via
League of Hereditary Heads of State